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A family feast in fifteen minutes.

This is exactly the kind of easy family meal I prepare when I’m short on time.  Like, when I stay on the beach until 10 minutes before the fruit + veg shop closes!  easy family mealsWe love spending time on the beach in the summer and make the most of every sunny moment.  Usually, this sees me unpacking a car full of surf boards, sandy towels and starving children around 6pm.  To ward off any hunger induced melt downs, these healthy steak wraps are on the table before you can say “don’t bring your sandy feet in the house!” Oh, what am I saying? The whole house is full of sand anyway!

Easy Dinner Recipe – Healthy Steak Wraps

Put everything on the table and let everyone help themselves! healthy steak wraps   Kids Food Ideas This meal can obviously be made with any kind of ingredients you have.  We love it with sliced grass fed, local steak which we grill outside on the BBQ.  This is a good way to make two pieces of sirloin steak feed a family of five! Other kinds of protein work well too – leftover roast chicken, bolognese sauce or zesty baked beans would be delightful.  Even a one egg omelette would be so yummy. Why not add some organic corn to the BBQ as well? Simply remove the husks, drizzle in olive oil and season well with salt and pepper (and chilli for the grown ups) before wrapping in foil.  Cooks on the BBQ in around 10 minutes. You could grill some vegetables like zucchini, capsicum, mushrooms and even eggplant if you were going for a mediterranean vibe.  Grill your steaks (or lamb) seasoned in oregano and add some feta to the table for a Greek inspired souvlaki. Any and all kinds of salad veggies work here.  Make sure you have lots of greens in the way of cos lettuce, baby spinach or rocket.  Grated beetroot and carrot is a fabulous addition too. Fermented veg is brilliant in a wrap. I love Kim chi but any kind of kraut or pickle would be delicious and great for your gut too! Something spreadable is a great starting point for any kind of wrap – smashed avocado with lots of lemon juice, salt and pepper is my favourite but hummus, sour cream, tzatziki or tomato chutney are all super delicious too. The all important wrap – I have used spelt wraps here I get form my local fruit + veg shop.  They have no nasty additives or preservatives so they make a great time saving alternative to making your own. Sometimes, I do though and you can find my recipe here.  Always check ingredients on wraps – the ones that look healthiest are often full of artificial crap. The Mountain bread wraps are a good choice and they are available from the supermarket.  Of course, you could go without the wrap altogether and just pile it all high on your plate like my husband does!

Well, I hope this easy family meal idea has given you lots of inspiration for the next time you are running short on preparation time.  If you have children, get them all involved chopping, mashing or setting the table.  Many hands make light work!

Happy eating! Love Mamacino x   Mamacino-kids-in-the-kitchen-cover   For more great family meal ideas, take a look at my book, Kids in the Kitchen, now available as an eBook for just $6.95.

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