Hi, I’m Kristin Cosgrove.mamacino

Mamacino is for you, the busy, modern mum seeking an easier way to make real and nourishing food part of your lifestyle.

Without the stress, guilt and long hours in the kitchen!

I believe food is meant to be delicious and eating a celebration. It seems though, in our busy, hectic lives, we have lost our inspiration and desire to spend time in the kitchen.

We are bombarded with information about health and nutrition, challenging diets and different opinions about how we should eat. We have lost confidence in listening to our own bodies and choosing foods that make us feel nourished, well and full of energy.

I’m a busy, modern mum too, I have three children, a husband that is FIFO, I run a business and work part time as a Primary School teacher and I really, really like coffee (and cake).

I get it.

By sharing what I have learnt about making healthy food a priority in my family in a way that is simple, affordable and even enjoyable, I hope to empower and inspire you to do the same.

“ Kristin, you inspire us to eat real food in a real world way. Your approach is lighthearted and you help us cook with a happy heart”.

Kate, mum of three.

My Whole Food Journey

I always thought I was pretty healthy. I mean, I ate wholemeal bread and used Skinny Milk on my Just Right muesli. I swapped to margarine and extra light cheese to avoid nasty fats and snacked on healthy things like muesli bars and bottled apple juice. I loved cooking and would whip up a Kantong Chicken Curry a few times a week. Unfortunately, my skin was awful and I had trouble with bloating and an irritable bowl but that was my ‘normal’ so I didn’t really question my diet or lifestyle.

When my second daughter was born, it was clear from very early on that there was something causing her a lot of pain. She rarely slept and had up to ten bottom-burning, room clearing nappies every day. I went to see many doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, naturopaths and even a fortune teller! Eventually, eighteen months later and after a terrible tantrum complete with foot stamping and crying (from me, not the baby) our Naturopath agreed to food intolerance testing.

The results were clear, Frankie had severe intolerances to wheat, soy, dairy, nuts and fish.

So the advice was to avoid those foods.

What? Forever? What was I going to feed her?

I broke down in tears of guilt and exhaustion knowing that it was the food I had been providing that was causing her pain. And then I did what all mums do…

I got up. I wiped away my tears and I made a decision…

…to learn everything I could about health and well being and bloody fix this problem.

And so, over the past ten years I have been reading, researching and inquiring into all things health and food related. We have come so far on our journey developing a particular interest in gut health and healing foods. You can read more about that here.

I LOVE to cook, especially Italian food from the region my family is from.  I go to bed with cook books and read them from cover to cover!  I have had some spectacular cooking failures and a few victories too. I have discovered the only way to eat is by listening to your own body and nourishing it with real food.

Long gone is the skinny milk, the low fat foods, the margarine and the processed cereals. I don’t subscribe to any diet, dogma or label. We eat fresh, seasonal food to feel good, to nurture ourselves and to give ourselves the fuel we need to be awesome every day.

I started Mamacino to share my message that real, nourishing food is so important and to teach other busy, modern mums how to create a whole food lifestyle without stress, fear or guilt.

I created Mamacino Granola so there was a healthy, whole food breakfast option that busy, modern mums could feel good about eating and feeding their family and my eCourse, Real Food Essentials has empowered so many women to simplify their whole food kitchens and enjoy cooking for and nourishing their families again.

My purpose is to inspire others to make positive change and to let people know it might seem challenging or overwhelming to begin with but with my fresh, simple approach, it is totally doable and so, so worth it.

“Kristin is a whole hearted, honest lover of the simplicity of food”.

Renee, mum of two.

I also learn so much from you! It makes me so happy to hear from you when you have tried one of my recipes (this is so exciting to me!), have loved sharing my books with your children or have tricked your husband into eating something gluten, dairy and refined sugar free – and enjoy it!

So please hang around and invite your friends! Feel free to comment, contribute and share your experiences. We love to hear them!

With love,

Kristin x

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The Mamacino community

I would love to hear from you. If you have a story to share, a recipe to recommend or a question I might be able to answer, pop over to Facebook (I’m there every day) or email me.

After all, we’re all in this together.

Love and light,

Kristin x