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Batch cooking recipes – make now eat later!

batch cooking recipes

Why make one meal when you can make two? Or more?  Let’s fill the freezer and get organised in the kitchen with these amazing batch cooking recipes.  Learn more ways to make healthy cooking easier in the Real Food Essentials eCourse.

My favourite batch cooking recipes

I think it’s safe to say we’d all like to save time and money when it comes to preparing meals for our family.  Despite our passion to provide nourishing, delicious whole food at every meal, we all have a life! And it’s full!  By preparing a little more than you need each time you get busy in the kitchen, you can have a healthy meal ready to go for those crazy days.

batch cooking recipes

Pumpkin soup is something I always have in the freezer.  It makes a wonderfully simple but warming and nourishing snack or dinner, especially when paired up with some toasted sour dough, slice of quiche or savoury pastry.

Bolognese sauce was MADE for batch cooking!  If I don’t have a few tubs of it in my freezer, I begin to panic!  Find my recipe here and how I serve it in about 1000 different ways!

Banana bread is one of my favourite batch cooking recipes – it’s just as easy to make 2 loaves as it is to make one and it keeps really well sliced, wrapped and stored in the freezer ready to be toasted and served warm with tea on chilly mornings.


Easy oven baked chicken is a really simple and versatile meal to make.  I ask my husband to portion a chicken into about ten pieces and I store these in the freezer ready to be marinated and roasted for dinner.  I’ll often do two chookies at once so we have plenty leftover for lunches over the next few days.

We are big fans of beans on toast in our house so I’ll often make a big batch of these zesty chilli beans on the weekend.  You can freeze some for later after they are cooked or like I sometimes do, simply soak and cook a big batch of navy beans which can be dived up and stored in the freezer ready to be made into a meal in no time.  Natural New Age Mum’s home made baked beans are delicious too!

Love a lamb roast? So do we!  Choose a larger leg or shoulder to ensure you have some meat leftover for salads, sandwiches or a leftover lamb shepherd’s pie.


What about the slow cooker?  The slow cooker is a good friend to the keen batch cooker!  You might like this simple chicken cacciatore which is lovely served with some fresh steamed greens.

What about dessert I hear you ask!  Of course, we mustn’t exclude something sweet to nibble on after dinner.  I always have a batch of my home made chocolate stashed away in the freezer for those times I need it (like every night!).

I hope these batch cooking recipes have given you lots of food for thought and you are inspired to take to the kitchen for some serious batch cooking.

More amazing batch cooking recipes from my friends…

Make breakfast a breeze with this Big Batch Bircher Muesli from Brenda Janschek or this yummy Toasted Muesli from Pretty Sweet things.

An immune boosting Vegetable Curry from the Cosmo Hippy or a Paleo  Chilli Con Carne from Eat, Drink, Paleo.

As for the kids lunch boxes, how about some of these Chocolate Bliss Balls from Dom’s Kitchen hiding in the freezer or these yummy Paleo Chicken Strips from A Healthy Mum.

Tip: Batch cooking ca be so much more fun with a friend! Get together with your bestie for an afternoon of batch cooking and each take home some yummy meals for your family.

Happy Eating,

Mamacino x

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  1. Love it! We often do 2x rolled free range pork roasts (about 5kg total!) in our slow cooker, until it’s soft and shredable. We use some then for tacos etc, have some leftover in the fridge with all the lovely broth to have with poached eggs for breakfasts, or leftovers for lunches. We also make a corn tortilla stack/enchiladas for the freezer. Then Freeze whatever is left in meal size batches!

    1. Right…so what time should I pop over 😉 Sounds amazing!

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