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Food Styling + Photography for Beginners

One of my favourite things to do is create beautiful, healthy recipes, make them look as delicious as they taste, and then take photographs of them, producing beautiful images to inspire others to try recreating it for themselves.

food styling photography

This passion is new to me.  I am not a professional food stylist or photographer, however, I have been teaching myself and improving my skills over the past few years so I can share beautiful but real photographs of the food I create for Mamacino. Lately, I have many other food bloggers requesting my help to turn their tasty creations into beautifully styled pictures for their own blogs, websites and eBooks. I love doing this so much, I have decided to make it official and offer my services to any whole food lovers requiring a little love in the styling department.

You can read more about my styling and photography packages here.


I thought I would also share some very basic tips for those wanting to improve their own food photography whether it be to create an amazing eBook or just to share your latest smoothie bowl creation on Instagram.

Food Photography Tips

Natural light

Taking your photos in natural light is the best thing you can do for your food photos! Set up a small table, or even on the ground, next to a window with lots of lovely fresh daylight coming through.  Unfortunately, taking pics of your dinner under the fluorescent lights of the kitchen will not show off your beautiful food well.  Thank goodness for day light saving!

Clear the clutter

Of course, it is all about the way the food tastes, however, people eat with their eyes and if you want to inspire others to try your recipes, you do not want your food to look like a dog’s breakfast (unless you write a pet food blog?).  Move the dirty dishes out of the way, get rid of any stained, old tea towels, wipe excess drips and splotches from the sides of your bowls or plates.  Make a clear space to take your photograph and show your dish some love! It deserves it!

food styling photography

The Food is the Hero

Make your food look as delicious as possible and allow it to take centre stage in your photographs.  Sometimes, a smaller amount of food on a simple white plate can look so much classier than a highly styled picture with too many props to compete with. I like to use colour to give extra pop to my pictures and always consider a garnish for my dishes.  Sometimes a sprinkle of parsley, a lime wedge or a sprinkle of goji berries can really bring your picture to the next level.  Always keep colour in mind when designing your recipes and think about it visually.  For example, a beef curry can look a bit like a pile of poo but add some vibrant green beans, sliced red chilli and some thinly sliced spring onions to the top as a garnish and all of a sudden, it’s a lot more inviting!

food styling photography

Keep it simple

I LOVE collecting props to use for my photographs and have a whole cupboard full of them, however, I am very selective about how I use props in my photographs.  Choose plates, bowls, boards and fabrics that make sense with your food.  Try not to overload the picture with too many different styles or textures as it will take away from your beautiful food. A word about text: I like to keep my pictures clean, however, there is a place for text overlays on photographs, especially when using them on your social media (Facebook, Pinterest etc.).  Keep the text font simple and small if you choose to use it.  It can make your photographs look dated and cluttered if abused!


I hope these tips help you in some small way when you are styling and photographing your beautiful recipes to share with the world.  If it all seems a bit overwhelming, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I would be delighted to assist you x

Love Kristin x

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kristin, your photos always look fab & inviting. 📸

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