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Grain Free Breakfast Ideas – Family + Budget Friendly

grain free breakfast ideas

Taking toast and cereal off the menu for breakfast may seem challenging, however, it opens up a whole new world of choice.  Here are my tried and tested, favourite, grain free breakfast ideas.  Simple, nourishing and delicious, I am sure there will be something on my list to delight every member of the family.

grain free breakfast ideas


Grain free breakfast ideas for your family

Making changes to your diet and lifestyle can be overwhelming.  As a family, we eat in a healthy way.  We love whole foods and we make most of our meals from scratch.  When we recently learned we needed to tighten our dietary belts in order to heal some lingering gut issues, I admit to feeling a slight panic at the thought of removing cereal and toast from our breakfast menu.  After collecting myself and completing a family brainstorming session, I realised there was no need to worry! We had so many grain free breakfast ideas and recipes in our tool kit that utilised the foods on our to-eat list, we couldn’t wait to get started.

  • CADA – Simply pop a handful each of shredded coconut, chopped apple, deseeded Medjool dates and almonds in a food processor and chop into a chunky kind of muesli.  Top with organic, full fat yoghurt or coconut yoghurt and serve with fresh berries.
  • Grain Free Breakfast Muffins – My kids love these banana, maple ones.
  • Frittata – A fantastic way to use up leftovers, find my recipes here and here.
  • Buckwheat Bircher – No oats? No problem! You can make a delicious overnight bircher using buckwheat (a seed not a grain).
  • Scrambled eggs – Heat a little ghee or olive oil in a frying pan.  Crack two eggs per person into a small bowl and whisk with a fork.  Tip into a pan and fold gently until just cooked through. Season well and serve with avocado and cherry tomatoes.
  • Baked Eggs – This simple baked egg dish is delicious and a great Sunday night dinner too!
  • Pancakes – There are lots of ways to make grain free pancakes – these Banana Buckwheat ones are super yummy!
  • Chia Pudding – This is my new LOVE..I like to mix my chia seeds with fresh raspberries, honey and almond milk and leave in the fridge overnight. Top with a spoonful of yoghurt and some grain-free granola. Totes delish!
  • Smoothie Bowl – In this summer, this is my favourite breakfast – I love making my acai smoothie and then topping it with fruit, nuts and seeds.
  • Grain Free Granola Parfaits – Of course, I use my Mamacino Granola but you can choose any kind you prefer.  Layer the granola in a large glass with organic, natural or coconut yoghurt, fresh fruit of choice and maybe a drizzle of honey.  So good!

grain free breakfast ideas

Are you excited about your grain free breakfast yet?  How about this amazing layered chia pudding from Quirky Cooking?  It looks divine!

If you have any more ideas to add to my list, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Happy eating!

Mamacino x

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