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Healthy Italian meals you’ll love.

healthy italian meals

When I express my love for Italian food, I’m often met with a confused and questioning look.  Being mostly gluten and dairy free, I understand why people would wonder how pizza and pasta fits in to my whole food picture.  Well, it doesn’t very often because there are so many healthy Italian meals to choose from.

There are so many wonderful, tradition, simple and delicious healthy Italian meals that make the most of fresh, seasonal produce.  I have listed my favourites for you here.

Healthy Italian Meals

healthy italian meals


How delicious does this Italian Slow Cooked Chicken from My Food Religion look? I love the inclusion of artichoke hearts, one of my favourite ingredients.

I love making risotto with brown rice. I find it has the loveliest, nutty texture.  Try this recipe for Chicken and Mushroom Brown Rice Risotto from Well Nourished – it’s a great way to use your own home made stocks and broths.

healthy italian meals


Osso Bucco is a big favourite in our family and making it in the slow cooker is a great way to do it.  This recipe for Slow Cooker Osso Bucco from Becomingness is not only healthy and delicious but so simple to make too.

Becomingness also has a great alternative to our favourite pub chicken dish with this Gluten free and dairy free chicken parmigiana.

healthy italian meals


Paleo Lasagna anyone? Yes please!  Impress your family and friends with Eat Drink Paleo’s amazing Paleo Lasagna.  Have you ever seen a healthy dish look so good?

Caprese salad is so popular in Italy and for good reason, it tastes so vibrant and life affirming! Try this Eggplant Caprese Salad from Eat Drink Paleo for a taste of Italian summer in your own back yard.

healthy italian meals

Roasted until sweet and filled with something delicious is my favourite way to eat capsicum and a wonderful vegetable dish to add to your menu. Try these Pork and Cranberry Stuffed Peppers from Happy Body Formula at your next long, Italian lunch.

How about something sweet? Tiramisu is my absolute all time favourite dessert!  In this Tiramisu recipe, Mummy Made It shows us how to make our own dairy free marscapone! Genius!

healthy italian meals

And if you are looking for a cake to share for morning or afternoon tea, my Italian Apricot and Olive Oil Cake is perfect.

I hope I have helped you to see past the pizza and pasta (not that there is anything wrong with them!) classics and introduced you to some new and healthier ways to enjoy Italian food with these delicious healthy Italian meals.

I’d love to know, what’s your favourite Italian food or dish?  Do you do much Italian cooking at home?


Mamacino x



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3 thoughts on “Healthy Italian meals you’ll love.

  1. I was a meat and veg person until I met my husband and his Italian family 25 yrs ago.Now all my cooking is Italian based.My children and grandchildren live broda with pasta.Theres nearly a mutiny if they ask for broda and I don’t have any.

    1. Who doesn’t love Broda with pasta?! Do you make it with tortellini at Christmas time Leonie?

  2. […] and cheese are not on your menu, try some of the inspired healthy Italian recipes I have shared in this post or perhaps one from my favourite food blogger, Rachel […]

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