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In Abundance: Baked Peaches with Natural Yoghurt + Granola

Did you know, I have a family history when it comes to markets?

My grandfather, who came to Melbourne from Sicily, began a fruit and vegetable business at the South Melbourne Market when he was a young man.  That market stall was in our family for over fifty years and during those years my grandmother, my mum, my dad, my brothers, my uncle, my mum’s cousin and I all worked there.   Now my dad and my brothers still work in the fruit and vegetable market on the wholesale side of things and of course I have my little market stall too.

I guess you could say it’s in our blood.

Kris peaches

We used to love going with my dad to the wholesale market in Footscray when we were kids to do the buying. Despite being the middle of the night, it was a completely live, vibrant, busy and chaotic world inside the market.  There would be fork lifts and scooters flying every which way as fruiterers from all over Melbourne and beyond gathered their supplies.  We were always spoiled with free apples from generous stall holders as we made our way through each aisle.

It felt like being in a special club – even the language was foreign…

“we better hit the frog and toad, I need to get to the tote to put the quaddy on before the ball and chain asks for the home on the range”.

My brother and I could never wait until the work was done and it was time to reward ourselves at the cafe with a serve of piping hot chips smothered in salt and tomato sauce before heading to our stall at in South Melbourne to set up the show.

And needless to say, we always had an abundance of amazing fresh produce at home.  Some weekends, the entire kitchen bench would be covered in bowls of cherries, peaches and nectarines, not that they would last very long!

So when my brother brought me home a stack of peaches a few weeks ago, it reminded me of those market mornings and got me thinking about how my path has wound its way back to where it began.  Funny thing, but it almost makes me think it’s kismet x

Baked Peaches with Crunchy Classic Granola


In the summer, we are so spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing produce.  If I have an abundance of stone fruit, I like to bake them for an extra delicious Sunday breakfast, and sometimes even dessert.

Serves 4

Pre heat your oven to 180C

Cut four peaches in half and remove the stone.  Place them, cut side up on a baking tray lined with baking paper.  If you fancy, you can drizzle them with a little honey or sprinkle them with rapadura sugar but I don’t usually worry about it.

Bake the peaches for about 20 minutes, until they are soft and beginning to caramelise.

To serve, place them in a shallow bowl and add a generous dollop of good quality natural yoghurt and a heavy handed sprinkle of Mamacino Homemade Classic Granola (or any kind of granola, or even chopped nuts and seeds).

Enjoy in the sunshine with a cup of your favourite herbal tea and watch your worries melt away.

Happy eating!

Mamacino x

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10 thoughts on “In Abundance: Baked Peaches with Natural Yoghurt + Granola

  1. Our peach tree is now bare of peaches. It’s spindly branches were laden with peaches this summer, having now been eagerly picked and gobbled up. My girls in particular loved them. I’m a bit like my nanna, not so keen on the fuzzy skin but adore their sweet squishy insides.

    1. We have a few very new peach trees too but the birds beat us to the peaches this year.

  2. What an amazing childhood! PS I miss the dimsims at South Melbourne market….yummmmmmm…..

    1. Lisa, my brother and I used to take a bag of peas down to Kenny and swap them for a bag of Dimmies! We thought we were definitely on the better end of that deal!

  3. How wonderful to connect with your family legacy like this. 🙂 I’m so glad you get to do something that obviously brings you so much joy. 🙂 XO

    1. Thanks Krista x

  4. You brought me back to the many mornings I spent with my mum at the market, where she sold clothes she designed (and hand painted… it was the 80’s after all) – verrrry early mornings, cramming the car full, coat hangers poking in your back, then rolling out the cart and hangers. But all rewarded by apple muffins (that I can still remember the taste of, dodgy old white flour things that they were). Love this peek into your family and life. L xo

  5. It’s funny how clear those childhood memories can be…I wonder what my own children will remember?

  6. This is my ideal breakfast. I feel a little but like I’m having dessert for breakfast and that it’s both wonderful and wicked!

  7. […] Baked peaches are just about one of my favourite ever desserts.  Peaches and nectarines, strawberry and rhubarb or plums and apricots all taste amazing baked on a big tray, doted with a little butter and sprinkled lightly with a little cinnamon and Rapadura sugar. Serve along side big bowls of yoghurt, real cream or good quality vanilla ice cream and maybe some crunchy gluten free granola or nut mix. Summer in a bowl and so easy to prepare. […]

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