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How to be a Kitchen Goddess

kitchen goddess

Let me show you how to reconnect with your inner Kitchen Goddess (not to be confused with becoming a domestic goddess, though I’m pretty sure Nigella had her tongue firmly in her cheek when she came up with that one).

I have some thoughts to share about why eating and cooking has become  a nightmare for so many of us in recent years.  I sense women are feeling anxious, resentful, confused and overwhelmed about preparing family meals and I think I know why.

Because we have better things to do.

Ultimately, we all strive for efficiency in the kitchen because we have full lives and our own goals, dreams and passions that we are working hard to make happen.

Preparing healthy meals for our family has become a task we just don’t have time for.  It offers us no joy and often no reward.  We have lost our connection with real food from the earth and seasonality.  We rely on the quick fix, often processed options or we turn ourselves inside out aiming for perfection with whatever is the latest diet to hit our newsfeed.  We are not being nourished and we are missing out, big time.

Food, family, connection, celebration, bonding, learning, love, self care, mindfulness, abundance, gratitude…these are the vital ingredients missing in our modern diet and in our lives. Deprivation is never going to fill us up.

kitchen goddessSo what can we do about this? I am not saying fresh, healthy food is not important. Nor am I saying food allergies and associated conditions are made up.  I’m not saying you should never make another meal plan and I’m definitely not saying you should discontinue your education in wellbeing.

But it’s not all about food.

I believe we need to reset our mindsets and make nourishing our family a sacred ritual, a pleasurable experience we enjoy. Something we respect and value and allow to feed us in more ways than one.

How to be a Kitchen Goddess

Are you open to learning how to be a Goddess in your kitchen instead of the stressed out, exhausted, disinterested stranger yelling at her children to god damn eat their organic broccoli?  That’s wonderful, me too….read on Goddesses…

Make time for it…

Preparing nourishing, whole foods that serve us and promote our health and happiness takes time so allow time.  Give yourself space in your day to calmly and lovingly prepare a meal, no matter how simple.  If you can’t spare even half an hour to spend caring for yourself, you may choose to reflect on your priorities.

Keep it Simple…

On Saturday, I made an apple pie.  I peeled and stewed apples from our tree, then I spent over an hour painstakingly creating a gluten free pastry that didn’t work and by the end of it I had a stack of dishes, a mediocre pie and a short fuse.  Afterwards, I realised I could have simply served the apples with a dollop of organic yoghurt and a hand full of chopped, toasted almonds.  It would have taken a fraction of the time and effort and I would have had a delicious dessert and a calmer disposition. Don’t make work for yourself. Avoid resentment by taking a simple approach and letting beautiful produce and ingredients do the talking.

Be present…

Engage your senses while cooking and encourage your children to share this experience too. Taste, smell, feel…explore your food.  Feel no pressure to multi-task or tune into technology, simply focus on the task at hand and being in the moment.  When we are present, we are open.  I find I get all my best ideas when I’m mindful of my presence and my kids tune in to this – it’s often the time they talk openly and I find out all their secrets!


Our parents would chastise us for not eating our tea with stories of starving children from around the world.  This is not a strategy I employ, however, it is true.  We are blessed beyond belief for the abundance of fresh food and water we have access to.  Whether it’s a frozen lasagna or a slow roasted, grass fed, organic leg of lamb, we should be incredibly grateful for the food we have and express our gratitude openly.


Look for ways to make cooking and meal times enjoyable.  Set the table, light a candle, play gentle music, set the table using the good plates and napkins.  Involve everyone, discuss life.  Connecting over food is what sharing meals is all about.  Make this your meal time intention, to express love and connect with your family.  Make dinner time an occasion and a celebration – even if you’re serving beans on toast.

I’m intrigued to hear your views and ideas about my fresh approach to healthy eating and if you are inspired to connect with your inner kitchen goddess.  I would be so grateful if you would leave me a comment below.

Now I’m off to do some chanting.

Not really 😉

Mamacino x

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8 thoughts on “How to be a Kitchen Goddess

  1. Love your blogs,Kristin.My freezer has once again become my best friend.There are only two of us in the house now but I still cook like I’m feeding the family(can’t help myself).So I freeze the leftovers and use them for a night off or a weekend lunch. Also my grandchildren like to take them for their lunches.

    1. You are definitely a kitchen Goddess, thinking about nourishing everyone in your family with your beautiful meals x

  2. Great article! It’s easy to get sucked into the daily grind and see time spent in the kitchen as something to be endured rather than enjoyed. A nice reminder and I love the kitchen goddess concept 🙂

    1. Thanks Sherry – I think we all have a Goddess inside of us somewhere!

  3. I love this Kristin. Feeding my family nutritious food is a priority in theory but I don’t leave enough time for it! Your article is a timely reminder to change my priorities and make creating and eating together special for the whole family.

    1. I’m so pleased it left you feeling inspired x

  4. Wow Kristin, I always love reading your posts, but lately your words are resonating with me so much, whether it be recipes or posts like this one, the self care one, and I’m loving the Whole Food Master Recipes and Batch Cooking, and Meal Planning posts. And I LOVE this post so much, it’s a perspective I really needed to read, without even knowing I needed to read it! Everything you’ve described is how being in the kitchen has felt for me lately, but I couldn’t really pin point that underlying feeling until now. I was already doing the whole foods jazz (I’m a Small Steps to Wholefoods graduate from way back), but this is the stuff I really need to get in touch with now. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tania, I’m so glad you have been enjoying the posts and that they are resonating with you – that means the world to me x

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