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How to make Pimped Up Porridge

nourishing porridge

When the mornings start getting a bit chillier and the air is crisp and fresh as it seems to be in Autumn, our bodies start craving foods that are warm and comforting…like pimped up porridge.

My kids love pimped up porridge and we have it several times each week in the cooler months.  I like to pimp up the nourishment by soaking my oats over night (to make them more digestible) and adding a few extra delicious and nutritious ingredients.

Pimped Up Porridge

pimped up porridge

Serves 4


Start this recipe the night before for best results.

2 grated apples (full of fibre)

1 1/2 cups of oats (cholesterol-lowering, good for healthy blood and glowing skin)

1 1/2 cup water (more if necessary)

1 cup organic rice milk (easier on the tummy but use whatever milk you like)

1/2 tsp cinnamon (helps regulate blood sugars)

1T ghee or coconut butter/oil (good fats – keeps you satisfied!)

1 chopped banana (energy boosting and high in potassium so good for stress relief)

2 tbsp linseeds (Superfood! Vitamins, minerals and omega 3s for better brain function…I need all the help I can get!)

Chopped almonds (high in the good fats), more banana, blueberries (full of antioxidants) and raw honey (helps digestion) or maple syrup (lots of minerals), shredded coconut and activated seeds to serve.

* soaking oats and grains in a little whey or lemon juice and water helps to break down the grains tough-to-digest outer barrier making them much easier on little tummies.

What to do:

Get out the pot you wish to cook the porridge in and tip in the oats.  Cover with the water and add a teaspoon of whey (the clear liquid floating on top of your natural yoghurt) or a squeeze of lemon juice.

Cover with a tea towel and sit on the stove ready for the morning.

In the morning…

Turn the heat to low and cook the oats for a few minutes before adding the grated apple, milk, cinnamon and linseeds.

Continue to cook, stirring frequently for around 6-8 minutes, until the oats are lovely and soft, adding a little more water if you need it.

Add the chopped banana and tablespoon of ghee or coconut butter and stir through, cooking for 2-3 minutes.  The banana will melt into the porridge.

Transfer into  bowls and decorate with any or all of the above suggested nutrient boosting ingredients.

Enjoy and congratulate yourself on preparing such a hearty, delicious and nourishing breakfast for your family.  You are a super mum!




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