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Potato Bean Pesto Salad

potato bean pesto salad

This potato bean pesto salad is a really simple way to make vegetables more interesting.  Served along side some grilled or roasted meat and you have a family dinner that looks impressive, tastes delicious and is enjoyed by everyone.

potato bean pesto salad


I have sung the praises of pesto here many times before and also how having just one thing prepared and ready to go in the fridge can make mealtimes so much easier.

I don’t always meal plan.  Sometimes, when I have time, I like to just, you know, wing it!  Live on the edge so to speak and let my body guide me in what I want to eat on that day.

Yesterday, I knew I had some rocket pesto in the fridge and I went out seeking inspiration for how I might use it.

As I wondered around my local fruit and veg shop admiring the abundance of fresh produce they display so beautifully, I had lots of ideas for how I might use my humble pesto.  This potato bean pesto salad which I served with home made meat balls won the day.

How to make Potato Bean Pesto Salad

You hardly need a recipe to make this potato bean pesto salad.  It is very versatile and can be easily adapted to the number of people you are serving.  My salad fed four of us easily.


10-12 baby or new potatoes, halved

2 handfuls of green beans

1/2 cup pesto (I used my rocket pesto but a traditional basil pesto would be lovely too)

Salt flakes

Freshly ground pepper

A squeeze of fresh lemon juice

What to do:

Bring a pot of water to the boil, then add the potatoes.  Allow to cook for ten minutes.

Add the beans to the same pot and cook a further five minutes.

Reserve some of the cooking water before draining into a colander, return the hot vegetables to the pot and stir through the pesto adding a little bit of the cooking water if it needs loosening.

Season well with salt flakes and pepper and transfer to a large bowl or platter to serve.

potato bean pesto salad


How to serve Potato Bean Pesto Salad

This dish is perfect as a side but can shine as a meal on it’s own as well.  Why not try…

  • Serving hot or at room temperature along side grilled lamb or fish at your next BBQ
  • Adding some cooked pasta, I’d go for spiralli or penne, and serving it warm or cold as a salad or as a vegetarian meal option
  • Putting it in the kids lunch boxes with some hard boiled eggs
  • Stirring through some grilled chicken breast strips or tenderloins for a delicious all-in-one meal.


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