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Rocket Walnut Pesto

rocket walnut pesto

Rocket walnut pesto is a flavoursome alternative to the standard  basil pesto I love to make in the summer.

rocket walnut pesto

It was pumpkin soup for dinner, again.

I serve this warm and comforting dish so often in the winter that by the end of soup season, my children are very happy to see the end of it for a while.  I find it’s a wonderful way to keep up a good intake of home made stock and to use up the endless supply of fresh pumpkin, potatoes, leeks and sometimes cauliflower I receive each week in my fruit and vegetable delivery.

Since most children feel strongly that soup is not a main meal, I try to serve it along something more exciting, something to distract them from the ordinariness of this familiar kitchen staple.

Last night, it was a vibrant, green rocket walnut pesto served sloshed into the soup by some which looked dazzling against it’s bright orange back drop, but for the majority, spread thickly on home made gluten free toast then generously covered in a snowfall of creamy, sharp pecorino romano.

How to make Rocket Walnut Pesto

You hardly need a recipe for pesto, just put it all in the food processor and go for it.  Here’s how I make mine.

Into the food processor put…

A couple of handfuls of rocket
Chopped garlic to your taste
A pinch of sea salt and cracked black pepper

Chop it roughly before adding…

Enough lightly toasted walnuts
A generous amount of EVO

Process until the desired consistency – we like it smooth and oozy.

Enjoy on poached eggs, grilled meat, dolloped in soup, on a salad sandwich or in any way your heart desires.

What’s your favourite pesto combo? Let me know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Rocket Walnut Pesto

  1. This sounds like a delicious pesto, I’ll have to give it a try. I love the classic basil pesto but find its also nice with cashews instead of pine nuts.

    1. Hi Kate, yes, I use cashews sometimes too. So versatile x

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