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Simple Self Care for Busy Mums

simple self care for busy mums

If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that I do a much better job looking after others if I look after myself too.  Self care has become such an essential part of my life, something I embrace and am grateful for…when I remember to do it.  I thought I’d share some of my best ideas for simple self care for busy mums…simple, everyday things we can all find time for and that will enhance not only our own lives, but the lives of those around us.

simple self care for busy mums

Simple Self Care for Busy Mums

  1.  Go to bed early – Do you ever feel too tired to go to bed? Trust me, turn off Facebook and hit the sack before 10pm – when that sleep bus departs, you want to be on it.
  2. Buy nice underwear – Show yourself the love and respect you deserve by keeping your knickers nice.  Drooping bras from pre baby days or undies sagging and grey have no place in this calm and confident mamas life!  You will be surprised how good new knickers can make you feel.
  3. Invest in quality toiletries – We might not get to a two hour yoga class every day but we all need to bathe! Make the most of this experience by investing in beautiful, chemical free body wash and moisturiser and enjoy every moment of hot, steamy bliss.
  4. Practise Gratitude in the spaces between – Saying thank you for all the good things in life every day is life changing.  Make time morning and night to acknowledge all you are grateful for – the shower is a great place to do this!
  5. Eat food you love –  This is a big deal for me.  I am on a restricted diet, yes, but within those guidelines, I choose food that I love to eat. Food that nourishes me, food that is delicious and food that I can look forward to eating. Deprivation is the opposite of self care but the answer is not indulgence or greed, it’s simply allowing yourself to have what your body wants and needs.
  6. Make time for friends – Nothing fills my cup more than time spent with friends.  A walk on the beach, a coffee or perhaps a glass of wine by the fire on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  Husbands are great of course but girlfriends, they just get it.
  7. Follow the moon – Incorporating ritual into your life is such a beautiful and nurturing thing to do. For me, I love to track the moon phases. I go outside every night and spend some time gazing towards the stars, reflecting on the day, setting intentions and manifesting my wildest dreams.
  8. Take a break – plan a time in your day, every day, where you can take a breath, like literally, breathe.  Set the alarm on your phone if you have to or make it for a time when you are usually at a loose end. I arrive at the bus stop to collect my kids ten minutes earlier than they arrive and use this time for a few deep breaths and a moment of meditation (goodness knows we all need it before they descend upon us!).
  9. Get out in nature – Open space is so good for the body and soul.  Move your body in a way that you ENJOY.  Nothing makes me feel better about life and myself than a brisk walk along the beach, especially if the sun is shining.  All my best ideas come to me when I’m in this place of freedom.
  10. Love yourself – I know it’s easier said than done but ultimately, I believe if we want to be happy we need to believe we deserve it.  If you can’t quite love yourself just be the boss of yourself for now.  Make choices that work for you, that nourish you and that make you feel good.  I promise you, by loving yourself and making choices that are aligned with what you love and what makes you feel good you will not only be a happier, calmer and more confident mum but an amazing role model for your children too.

Do you have any suggestions for simple self care for busy mums? What kinds of practises do you enjoy? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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Love and light,

Kristin x


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8 thoughts on “Simple Self Care for Busy Mums

  1. Gorgeous ideas Kristin!

  2. I love this so much Kristin, as well as this weeks newsletter – so honest and heartfelt as always. It’s something I’ve always appreciated about your perspective and thoughts. I’ve been in the ‘husband works away from home’ situation a couple of times, and I agree with all that you wrote, so much. I’ve seen a lot of self care posts around, but rarely give them too much attention – it just seems to hard to get in that mindset. But this post I love, this I can do xx

    1. Tania, thank you so much for your message and kind words, they are truly appreciated. I think finding the things we can do and actually doing them is the key! Otherwise we end up resenting self care! Take care xo

  3. Kristin, this is so true and so beautifully stated.
    Thank you for the reminder and ideas.

    1. Thanks Rachel, you are very welcome x

  4. Always love your work xxx

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