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The best, healthy (gluten free) dessert I have ever tasted…

healthy chocolate treats

Have you tried my Dangerously Easy Chocolate Puddings?

If the answer is no, stop what you are doing and make them!  (The recipe is below)

We all know how the story goes.  We know we should be eating nourishing, fresh whole foods that enhance our wellbeing and we do!  But then…there is a celebration or a craving, or it’s Saturday night and we want to indulge.  Sometimes we can stop at two squares of dark chocolate and be satisfied.  Other times…one sweet treat leads to another and another and before we know it, we have had quite the party, our jeans are too tight and we feel sick and guilty because of it (remember the time I poisoned myself with raw cacao? Hmm).

Well, I’m over the guilt.

Actually, guilt is a pretty unproductive emotion all round so let’s just drop it, shall we?

I believe delicious sweet treats are a valuable part of a balanced diet and can be nourishing, health enhancing and oh so enjoyable.  That is why I have created a new eBook called Chocolate Indulgence: Healthy Recipes for People who Love Chocolate.

healthy chocolate treats

Chocolate Indulgence is a collection of my very favourite chocolate recipes.  These are the treats I used to make weekly for my Farmer’s Market Stall and that I still make all the time for my friends and family (yep, I’m pretty popular around here).

This beautiful eBook is an amazing resource for those of us who strive to eat for health and wellbeing, but enjoy a sweet treat every now and then too.  You too can have a repertoire of simple, easy to prepare, gluten, dairy and refined sugar (and guilt!) free, indulgent chocolate recipes simply buy down loading the eBook and following my step by step recipes.

From my Mamacino Panforte and Dangerously Easy Chocolate Puddings to my Master Raw Chocolate recipe with five different flavour variations, this eBook has something for everyone and every occasion.

Chocolate Indulgence: Healthy Recipes for People who Love Chocolate will be available any day now!  To make sure you are the first to see it AND take advantage of my pre-launch offer, join the Mamacino Community List here.

And…for a sneak peek at my Dangerously Easy Chocolate Puddings and perhaps a little taste testing, find the recipe here.

Chocolate Indulgence


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